About Us

NWP started in March 2014 as a small group of riding enthusiast from predominantly north of Brisbane. As more enthusiasts joined in on NWP social riding events, more friendships were formed and NWP now has members from greater areas of Brisbane, as well as interstate!

A popular event is “NWP Bike Night”, which happens on the first Wednesday of every month where riders get together for a massive group ride in to Harry’s Diner, Newmarket for a show n shine followed by a group dinner and rides afterwards. If you haven't been to a Bike Night, put it on the bucket list! 

If you love riding or are keen to ride then NWP is the community for you, as it caters for all types of riders, rides and bikes. NWP will continue to bring like minded people together to participate in social riding events, share and swap riding experiences, provide helpful advice and most importantly ride our bikes. Get behind NWP and show your support by wearing some cool NWP apparel and let’s grow NWP and our love of riding together!